Not Your Aver’egg’ Joe



“Hey, why didn’t I get laid?” protests an egg that hasn’t found it’s way out yet.

“Ma knows a bad egg when she sees one.” snickered his brothers and sisters.

*few days later*

“Out you go,” clucked mama hen, laying the lone egg, at last. “You were becoming too heavy!” she eggsclaimed, panting. So the runt was born.

Being the tiniest, the runt was also the fastest. So mama named him ‘Runny’. He was always the last to be caught when he played ‘hatch me if you can’ with his siblings.

Runny was also quite eggcentric and really smart. His favourite board game was scramble. But he was a good ‘un. Cracked in all the right places.

Because he was really int’egg’ilant, his brothers and sisters became very jealous. So they eggscommunicated him from the family. Runny didn’t give up. If he didn’t fend for himself, he would soon become eggstinct, and he didn’t want that. So he decided to go to school.

Runny haggled a lot with the teachers. “You’re so small! You can’t possibly keep up with the lessons!” the teachers all cried out. But after a long and intense eggotiation, Runny was admitted to school.

Even at school, Runny didn’t have many friends. He wasn’t really inseggure about it, but it got him thinking about a lot of things.

Like equality, and external appearance. Runny wanted to tell people “do not judge an egg by its shell.”

He wrote several research papers on the same. Gave lengthy discourses. Slowly, people began to listen. Eventually, they even eggreed with him!

Runny was the greatest eggalitarian that ever lived.





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