Daily Prompts



You were monstrous.

When you reached out to touch me

It felt as though I was a pineapple

And you thought it was okay

To be rough with me.

Pineapples are hacked before they’re eaten.

Suddenly everything looked so big:

The dividers on the road seemed like

A steeple-chase race for giants.

The plant in our garden

Became a tree overnight but

The little red flower had died and

You threw away the pot at sundown.

That summer it rained and you shut me out-

I don’t think my knocking did any good

Because it was too faint and your thick skull

Covered your ears, converting my noise

To an impenetrable silence.

Anyway, I climbed in through the tiny window

Because the doors were oversized.

I wondered why I was feeling so hot

Despite the rain.

It was because you were dry as a desert

And that night

I wanted to impale you in your sleep

With a cactus.

I couldn’t for the life of me

Figure out why everything looked so colossal-

I was constantly stretching,

Never reaching.

Then I realised

That the world looked this way to me because

You made me feel so small.


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