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Catch the Wind in your Snails

Time was racing along, as usual, and a mother somewhere was trying to restrain it-she didn’t want her baby to grow up. Not yet. Being a cowboy’s wife, she was adept with the lasso. So she made a loop, and flung it around Time’s neck. Time stopped, coughed a few seconds out, wriggled out of the noose, and hurtled along. In the war against Time that she lost, her baby had begun walking, when she swore that a few seconds ago it had only been crawling. She threw her hands up in despair.

Time suddenly tripped over something, and fell flat on its face. In that moment, all the clocks and watches of the world also lost their sense of balance. Dusting itself off, Time got back on it’s feet, annoyed, and looked down at the cause. It was a tiny snail, trudging along, struggling with the weight of its own residence. Snail looked up, to see Time towering above it. Time felt a little bad, and offered to help carry it. “Whaaaiii, thaaank youuu, kiiind surrrr. That would reeealllly taayyyk a looooooooaaaaaad off maaaiiii baaaaaack!” beamed Snail.

Snail and Time walked beside each other, with Snail jabbering nonstop. Time couldn’t decide what was slower, Snail’s speech or his motion. Time didn’t want to fall asleep, so it began inspecting the insides of Snail’s house. It had a small bed, some pots and pans and a kettle. It didn’t look like Snail was employed, so having an own house proved to be handy. Avoided the hassles of paying rent.

Soon they reached a clearing, and Time bid Snail adieu. As Time continued onward, it was feeling very sluggish. The hours and minutes were all in deep slumber, and try as it might, it couldn’t rouse them into full functioning. Time watched in horror as people’s lives were thrown in disarray-all because it slowed down for a while. Lovers were ecstatic, but employees waiting for their lunch break were angry. Time had to protect its ears against the rumbles of their hungry bellies. But Time smiled briefly when it saw the mother it rudely brushed against. She was now laughing gaily, out on a walk with her baby. It hadn’t grown up. Yet.

Time scratched its head, wondering how to resolve the problem, until it was lightly shoved from behind. “Movealongnow. You’reblockingmypath.” whispered someone in one breath. Time looked behind to behold Wind. Time grinned broadly. It was time for the helper to become the helped.

So Time hitched a ride on Wind’s back. The exhilarating speed at which they traveled was like a splash of cold water to all the arms in Time’s body. Startled, they realigned themselves and began ticking furiously. Time saw lunch being shovelled down like snow being cleared off the driveway in winter. Couples said goodbye, already looking forward to their next rendezvous. And the mother’s story…was bittersweet. Her baby grew up and she grew old. But in the end, she would’t have had it any other way.

Time whooped-its temporary vertigo was suspended permanently.

Time usually prefers solitude to company, but today it made two friends. Both of which who taught it the importance of giving and taking.



Via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

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