Daily Prompts

A Song of Ice and Fire



Was a different kind of morning.

When I awoke, I unmistakably smelled

The remnants of a bitter battle-

A war had raged between Sun and Rain:

I caught a whiff of

Drizzle and dazzle.


I looked up to see Sun miffed-

A little blue in places, some

Flecks of grey.

Like a giant pupil determined

Not to blink.


The winds blew

Making leaves quiver and fall off

Like green snow.

Rain resolved

To kick up a storm and

By evening, Sun

Was thunderous.


Ocean crooned, sensing

Disaster. Sun hadn’t slept well

Last night. Her calm waters

Lapped silently, steadily,

At the shore, creating

A rhythm that lulled Sun

Until he slowly sank…

But not before he burnt so bright

That Rain glowed when it fell.


People all over came out to watch

Streaks of liquid torchlight falling.

Weathermen scratched their heads:

“What a conflict; a highly professional



Of course, the following morning, Sun and Rain appraised the extent of their damage. Both couldn’t deny that they were too weather-beaten to care.


Via Daily Prompt: Denial

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