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Coming out of the (Water) Closet


I walked, no rushed in. My bladders were bursting, threatening to explode. None stared at me while I walked with an awkward gait to the loo. Perhaps they were being polite-everyone experienced UPS (urgent pee syndrome) at some point or the other.

The toilet seat was up and ready. I sat down heavily, not caring about the ensuing noise my steadily deflating bladder created. To my ears, it sounded like a gushing waterfall. And later, I didn’t stop to ask the person outside what it sounded like. As if the acoustics of my tsunamic pee were under my control.

I got up, finally relieved, and reached out for the flush. But it wasn’t there. I searched frantically-up, down and sideways, but I swear I couldn’t find it. I stood there, helplessly bewildered.

Then the commode roared, and the water spurted from its depths. I looked in to behold a swirling whirlpool gradually reduce to calm ripples.

As I stood transfixed, the toilet cooed and gurgled like a baby. Even let out a few burps. Perhaps it was chuckling in amusement, at my astonishment. I blinked, and walked out, this time unsteadily for different reasons.

I later found out that these flushes work on automatic sensor mechanisms.

Technology, I tell you. Taking a leak on everyone’s lives.

Via Daily Prompt: Chuckle

8 thoughts on “Coming out of the (Water) Closet

  1. Hilarious! Entertaining like a charm that ticks your enemy off was this post.
    Your writing style is amusing, amazing. It’s like you live even the littlest of moments too much – there’s a pleasure of its own in that.


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