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Civilisation of Discontent

He visited today, after long.

At first, Ma didn’t notice him, but he always has to make his presence felt. So he rattles the grill a bit, making a sound somewhere between hissing and cackling. Ma looks up finally, and her face breaks into a smile. “There you are! Where have you been all this while?” He gazes at her, his teeth bared. Ma potters around the kitchen, looking for something to feed him. She finally hands him some peanuts.

His tiny fingers nimbly reach in through the grills to grab them. As he munches quickly, he furtively glances at Ma, as she inches nearer. The relief, I know, is mutual.

Up close, he engulfs the blue of the sky. After the peanuts, he tries to reach for the tomatoes soaked in water inside, but Ma is quick to say “No, don’t even dare.” I think he looks a little sad-the light in his eyes dims a little.

Ma talks to him some more. Shares tidbits with him about her life, what she plans to cook for lunch and where she will go shopping later in the day. He seems to be listening politely, his lips parted in an ‘o’. He then shakes the grills suddenly, screeching. A grief slowly washes over me, like an uncomfortably cold, lazy tide that decides to only wet the toes. I wonder on which side of the grill stands the real prisoner.

I go to the window, and look outside to see tall trees with sturdy branches built for swinging. I see freedom in shades of green and brown. The monkey follows my gaze, in silent agreement. After all, we originate from the same roots.

He grabs the nearest electric wire, and swings out of sight. Until next time.


Via Daily Prompt: Roots


5 thoughts on “Civilisation of Discontent

  1. I’m literally in awe as to how nimbly has this post captured an amusing phenomenon – a shift of fetters. Remarkable. Plus, the title is alluring. I was gripped from the start.


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