Daily Prompts

Better than a Best Friend

I don’t know why I’m in this picture.
Sometimes it’s not pretty.

I remember how it all began
The scent of love, heady
Your limbs unsteady
And I, not so ready.

I watched as your skirts
Got shorter and your laughter
Hotter-a blush blazing your skin
Like a forest fire within.
What chance did I a tree
Have in this
Infer-can I tell you-no?

They say it’s impossible
To find a needle in a haystack but
What a reversal-now you’re a hay
In a needlestack, how can I find you-
Didn’t you feel a thousand pricks?
I can’t perform magic tricks and I’m on the verge
Of hysterics.

I waved all the flags
Starting with red; but
You insisted upon
Taking him to bed.
And when you can’t sleep
Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you
That he wasn’t for keeps.

You loved me still, called me
Your fairy-even though I
Stubbornly maintained he was ‘too hairy’.
Blind eyes can’t see and deaf ears can’t hear:
I belong to the category of the
Fri’endangered species’.
I was your best.

If you think ignorance is bliss, please just
Go take a piss.


Via Daily Prompt: Bliss

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